Alumni Updates

What positive memories do you have about your time as a Communication major? Do you use any of the skills you learned as a Communication major? What are you doing now?

Emmy Searles, Class of 2015

"I loved spending time in the Telonicher House collaborating with my fellow students, talking to the professors and practicing speeches together. When I think about college, I think about that house. I use my public speaking skills and persuasive communication every single day in my tech career. Whether it’s writing an email, closing a sale, or building a case for my career progression- I have such a solid library of tools available to help in any situation. The blend of critical thinking classes mixed with the continuous expectation to share my thoughts in speeches and presentations has given me a skill set that is rare and valuable in the corporate world. I am a Customer Success Manager at a SaaS company (Articulate)."

Sydney Baty, Class of 2018

"I loved my time in the Communication department! All of the professors I had taught me something different and every lesson from a book was coupled with a lesson about life. I was always challenged to think critically, do my research, and to network with my cohort. Through that, I was able to gain an amazing support system in my professors as well as my cohort. Whether it be researching for a presentation/project, leading a meeting, giving constructive feedback, analyzing a campaign, sticking to deadlines, or overall effective communication with others - I use the skills I learned every single day. Unintentionally, the Communication department also equipped me with the skills to later parent a child who is on the spectrum. I feel extremely well equipped to advocate for him and his needs because of my major. It makes a huge difference when the professors you are learning from also take the time to advocate for you and teach you real life solutions to issues. Can't thank you all enough for that! I 10/10 would reccommend going through the Communication program at Cal Poly Humboldlt! I am currently a sales account manager with International E-Z Up."

Diamond Garcia, Class of 2014

"My positive memories have been the challenging of critical and big picture thinking. The ability to see the interconnections of society at a micro and macro level. Also being able to build and develop my emotional intelligence. I utilize these skills daily. I work in strategy and business intelligance. Currently, I am the Director of Advanced Analytics and Insights at Starcom World Wide Media. "

J.D. Garza, Class of 2014

" I felt a bit more connected with my faculty while at Humboldt. Everyone felt much more approachable in comparison to some of my other areas. Some of my memories of the comm major continue to permeate through my experience as a professional. The lessons I learned in Communication and Debate connect to everything that I do. I was happy to be a part of the Comm Club where we organized campus events and participated in various campus events. It encouraged me to be more involved within the larger community and connected to my fellow classmates. I recently accepted a position with Cal Poly Humboldt as a Career Advisor. I'm back!"

Douglas Rischbieter, Class of 2015

"My most favorite memories from being a Comm Major were the friends I made along the way. There was an excellent staff of lecturers and professors but my fellow Comm Majors were the best part of being in class. So many great people from all sorts of different backgrounds really gave me an opportunity to do some self reflection and gave me a more well rounded perspective of life. I do use the Communication skills I learned at HSU everyday in both my personal life and the work place. I currently work for the State in a capacity where I train new employees about health and wellness, traffic safety, documentation and employee rights. I also play semi professional Pokémon cards."

Kellsie Domnitz, Class of 2015

"I had great memories as a Communication major at Humboldt. Small class sizes, caring professors, and life skills. I am always using the skills as a Communication major. I am writer, director, producer and editor of my own short films. I own my own company good cop/good cop, LLC. I also am a camera assistant in the local 600 in Los Angeles. I work mainly on narrative television, assisting the camera department."


Taylor Kilgore, 2011

I moved to Colorado accepting a sports anchor position at CBS KKTV. I now get to cover teams like the Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets, and the Air Force Academy.

Billy Wright, 2014

Billy Wright, 2014 Communication, is currently teaching and coaching in Kerman, Calif., at Kerman High School. Wright was recently invited to coach a high school All-American game played at the Oakland Raiders’ stadium where he will coach alongside guys who played or coached in the NFL. 

Erin Carlson-Jones, 2001

Erin Carlson-Jones, 2001 Communication, is a licensed clinical social worker and trainer. Carlson-Jones has worked in children’s mental health for many years, and is now the Director of a 65-bed residential treatment program in San Jose, Calif. Carlson-Jones has been married for 10 years and owns a home in Boulder Creek, Calif.

Dr. Carolyn Dunn, 1986

Carolyn Dunn, 1986 Communication, was recently named associate vice president of institutional diversity for Central Michigan University. In addition to her new post, Dunn has contributed to Project Upward Bound, a program that trains students to succeed in college.

Jenny Farrell (Perez), 2004

After earning my M.A in Communication Studies at University of Nevada Las Vegas in 2009 I was hired as a full-time lecturer there. I teach Interpersonal Com, Public Speaking, and Honors Public Speaking. I have been happily married for 10 years now and we had our first son last year! Couldn’t be happier!

Sarah Lewers, 2005

I’m living in Geyserville, CA, and happily employed as a plaintiff’s-side civil litigator with the Law Offices of Peter Goldstone in Santa Rosa. While I handle a wide variety of cases, I specialize in landlord-tenant work, easement disputes, and wrongful foreclosure cases.

Sofia Pereira, 2009

I recently came back from Washington DC from a political fellowship with the Women’s Campaign Fund. I’m now the Deputy Campaign Manager on a Congressional campaign in the newly formed 2nd district.

Brian Akre, 1980

I recently moved my family to The Hague to become senior speechwriter for the CEO and senior leadership of Royal Dutch Shell. I previously worked as head of Executive Speaker Services at Nokia in Finland. Earlier this year, I received a Cicero Speechwriting Award for a speech I wrote with Nokia’s former CEO, which was delivered at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2010.

Steve Barrios, 1992

I was at a San Jose sharks game the other night, when the people in front of me an I started talking. Come to find out they were Humboldt alumnus too, we talked about the old times and all the goodtimes in arcata!!!! What a small world, and what cool people go or have gone to Humboldt. Go JACKS

Jesse Feldman, 2001

In March of 2010 my wife of 4 years and I moved from the Condo we own in Fremont to a 3 bedroom home that we purchased in San Lorenzo. 
Our daughter turned 3 in Sept and we have added a new member to our family, Cooper a Black and white long haired Chihuahua.